This week starts back up the season for podcast show featuring MOLIAE short stories with Premiere Show Episode #55 with host, Nichel Anderson and two special guests: Eduardo Dixon and Danny Constant. Today episode is a continuation from the finale episode on May 25th of Episode 54. In today episode, you get to follow up what happen after King Mahlon informed / escalated the call of action against the Orions to Enlil one of the infamous Akuni Brothers from Pleadeians.

Talent - Special Guests - Eduardo read for King Mahlon and Enlil. - Danny read for Hanee.

Eduardo Dixon - follow / contact him on Instagram : @yinard / or on facebook

Danny Constant - connect with him thru


Start Opening 0:01
Welcome 0:20
Special Guest 0:35
Edudardo Dixon 1:12
Danny Contant 2:03
My Podcast Show Breakdown 4:50
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Announcement 8:19 Relaunch
Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay 9:54
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Another major announcement TBA 12:29
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Recap from last week 14:00

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