In this week podcast, Episode 53 “Within the Domain of Orion Skies Leadership” by host Nichel Anderson, that returns to the MOLIAE short stories that follows up with the capture of Nontu by Hanee (High Rank Orion Military Leader of The Unkeno) and the finding Ecko back to the Orion skies. The procedure matter of judgement on Nontu furthers the underlying issue that some prominent groups in the region were supporting him the betrayal move for Tiamat.

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02:57 Recap From Last Podcast - Episode 52 "In the Divine Power of a Nubian King" Finale for Season 2 2018-2019
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Highlight – Focusing on the Orions in the star constellation of Orion to entail the starting of the trial and judgement of Nontu. The return of Ecko progressed that his family and close military and leadership associates are pleased of his return to Orion for a time. Hanee is notified of a possible threat and his notification to his superiors regarding the possible knowledge of their mission by King Mahlon.

Recap – from the last episode of MOLIAE – Episode 52 “In the divine power of a Nubian King” from the timeline “Before the Time of Princess Aamina” Hanee from the Orion arrived to Tiamat without the notice to the Akun and King Mahlon of Mitsrayim. There was an almost major confrontation between Hanee and King Mahlon with Hanee barley managing to depart with wounded Ecko, and the capture of Nonu.

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