Check out the Summer Break Bonus #5 2019, a Discussion on some of MOLIAE Characters featured in podcast Season 1 and Season 2 as well for future seasons by host, Nichel Anderson. Characters focused in this podcast episode that were featured in the book of Mitsrayim, earlier stage plays and future play productions as well as the timeline of the podcast show. Some characters that were featured for breakdown and correlation within the MOLIAE saga in this podcast episode are:

Abia II
Helek (sometimes reference Hilik) a high rank military officer and apart of Royal Crown Spy --
Nontu, Lanko, Ecko -- Kishe,Goui -- Hanee, the High Rank Orions To Those of Unken (Episode 36)
King Mahlon
King Kohane
General Tekun
*Future Series :
Princess Aamina
King Dumah
King Daniyel
King Chaldel
King Sippar
Queen Hagar (was born in Egypt because Tayyib is of Egyptian descent
Elder Tayyib (Egyptian - Grandfather Tayyib and over the all the regions of Mitrys school of Thought, but it seems Ezri is of most of the regions of the Sudan, but Tayyib can supercede him if needed)
Comrade Nehemi
Comrade Pambar

-*Check out the YouTube Video Visual for Season 1 Finale Episode 29 "Bountiful is Thee Amongsts A Mitsry King" featuring Queen Hagar, Ecko and the two Mitsrays Males of Thia being mention in this bonus 5 podcast- that one was standing to Queen Hagar left and the other to her right, they are of Ezri, High Council of Thia carrying large round gold bowls of Nile water.

**Youtube Video of Podcast Episode 29 Season 1 Finale

00:03 - Welcome - Introduction - Summer Break Bonus 5 2019
00:26 - Podcast Season 3 Premiere Starts On September 9, 2019
03:13 - Show Topic Bonus Begins - Some of MOLIAE Characters
04:46 - MOLIAE Character - Abia II
06:29 - MOLIAE Characters - Helek and Hilik - The same High Rank Military Officer - Royal Spy of the Crown
09:16 - MOLIAE Military Groups of Characters
09:56 - MOLIAE Characters - Nontu, Lanko, Ecko, Kishe, Goui, and Hanee - The Orions
12:39 - MOLIAE Characters - Sanel, Ateo, and Oten - The Sudan Region Tribal Leaders
14:16 - MOLIAE Characters - King Mahlon, King Kohane, General Tekun, and Rulen
16:32 -MOLIAE Characters - Princess Aamina, King Dumah, King Daniy'el, Nahor and Salma
16:50 - "Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina - Special Bonus
17:07 - "Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay"
18:30 - MOLIAE Characters - King Chaldel and King Sippar
19:03 - MOLIAE Character - Queen Hagar
19:38 - MOLIAE Characters - Elder Tayyib
19:52 - MOLIAE Characters - Comrade Nehemi and Comrade Pambar
20:09 - Highlight Episode 29 and Youtube Video Visual - Check it out
22:11 - Conclusion - Stay Connected - If You Like It Share This Podcast


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