Bonus 4 release - Summer Break 2019, Future Plans of Podcast Show starting in Season 3 this fall 2019-2020, by host Nichel Anderson discusses planned podcasts themed shows. In addition, the breakdown of the “Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina” that will open the Season 3 this September as the premiere episode leading into the planned episodes thereafter. Nichel shared some connection from her book “Mitsrayim” character timeline and interactions to the current timeline being position in the podcast start in 2017 to future plans in September to go into the beyond from that point. Check it out to get the 411.

*Big thank you to those that purchased the book; Mitsrayim! Thank you for your support. Below are key chapter notes that going forward will be provided in the description of the episodes.


Timestamp [0:05] Welcome and Introduction
Timestamp [0:47] Show Topic Begins
Timestamp [2:12] Buy my book "Mitsrayim"
Timestamp [2:25] "Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay"
Timestamp [2:30] Discussing Nahor From Then To Now
Timestamp [4:14] Coming Soon! "Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina
Timestamp [6:29] Future Plans for Podcast Show "Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond"
Timestamp [13:48] Stay Connected! If you like it share it!

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