Bonus 2 release - Summer Break 2019 Review of Season 2 2018-2019, by host Nichel Anderson that answers some questions regarding the season year moments. In this episode bonus 2, you get to learn some of the behind the scenes in producing the episodes under season 2 and future plans for next season 3.

*Big thank you to those that purchased the book; Mitsrayim! Thank you for your support. Below are key chapter notes that going forward will be provided in the description of the episodes.


Show starts [00:08]

Show Topic Dialogue [01:42]

Review of Atlantis [6:31]
Review of Mahogany Returns [6:38]
Review of the most interesting character of Season 2 [6:52]
Best character line in an episode of Season 2 2018-2019 [6:58]
Some of the most popular episodes of Season 2 2018-2019 [8:35]

Time stamp [08:52]
MOLIAE - Clip Snippet - "When the Dawn takes over the Kingo Rays” - Episode 51

Time stamp [10:56]
MOLIAE - Clip Snippet "Hanee of Orion enters the domain of Tiamat” - Episode 46

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