Welcome back - Season 3 Premiere 2019-2020 - Bonus 1 "Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina" - "In a new day anything is possible" with host, Nichel Anderson returns for her 3rd year podcast show: Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond. In this series, it is a special occasion focusing mainly on Nahor and Princess Aamina when they were much younger and way before the Kings (Dumah and Daniy'el) arrived on the scene in a dominant way. In this timeline of MOLIAE, it is when Nahor and Princess Aamina were mostly around each other and attending the Mystery School of Thought a lot and formed a longtime friendship, since they were born around the same and been around each other since birth.

Nahor discovers the new awakening to their friendship and his admiration of their connection before the later years of the timeline of the book; Mitsrayim.

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00:05 Welcome - Premiere Show - Return of Regular Season - For Season 3 2019-2020
00:25 Special Edition-"Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina" Bonus 1- "In a new day anything is possible"
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10:22 Highlights for this "Bonus 1" of the "Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina"
11:39 Recap from last Episode 52 Finale of Season 2 : "In the Divine Power of a Nubian King"
12:30 When will the return timeline of "Before the time of Princess Aamina" happen?
13:26 Begins - Future Series of Nahor & Princess Aamina - Bonus 1 - "In a new day anything is possible"



Let’s do highlights for this week we are starting the new different series of MOLIAE “Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina” where we will fast forward a bit from the initial timeline to when starting this podcast show when mainly it is Nahor and Princess Aamina around each other while young before the kings and how their friend forms. Today you will get a glimpse of their friendship living in Egypt/Kemet.
To Recap from Episode 52 “Finale Episode for Season 2 2018-2019, In the divine power of a Nubian King of Akun” where several things are revealed with a full short story that King Mahlon discovers Hanee of Orion entry into the domain of Tiamat. Nontu is captured to receive his fate.
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