For Episode 6 titled “No Way Out But All In” another Clip Snippet of the Full Short Story in my Premium Content Podcast: “Nichel Anderson Short Stories And Beyond” for 2017-2018 that I will release weekly clips from the full short story of that week with sometimes for that week will release a scene of that short story.

In this Episode 6 - We return to Comrade Jetur and a large Mitstrayim guards on the banks of Ghaneto to see a mystery person not yet revealed in any previous episodes of this Season 1. We learned also in Episode 6 why Comrade Jetur messaged received in the brown cloth signaled who to go see with urgency. Also, we learn to what Comrade Jetur as this mystery person that is no doubt one of a few enemies of Mitsrsayim to return something or someone back to him. Who could that be? Meanwhile, the short story brings back in Ecko and Nontu along with Lanko with some other Orions High Council Members to end this week's Episode. **If you want the full short story of this Episode and the last week clip snippet become a Patron member. See details below:

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