Welcome back - Season 3 Premiere 2019-2020 - Bonus 2 "Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina" - "A moment to remember" host, Nichel Anderson focus on a moment between Nahor and Princess Aamina as they are still very young and way before the others as portrayed in the webisodes series enter her life – instead, Nahor is seen as the main person due to them growing up around each other and his access to the royal palace. In today’s episode, we learn of Nahor interaction in assisting the daily tasks handling ancient documents by the Theobs (pupils, assistants in mystics under Ezri rule over herbalist and science from Sumner). Princess Aamina, still a very young girl visits Nahor to comfort and reveal information that related to Sanel (one of the tribal brothers of the Sudan and prominent character of “Before the time of Princess Aamina)

Nahor continues to discover the new awakening to their friendship and his admiration of their connection - before the later years of the timeline of the book; Mitsrayim.


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12:07 More Highlights of This Podcast Episode - Bonus 2 "A moment to remember"
14:05 Begins - Future Series of Nahor & Princess Aamina - Bonus 2 - "A moment to remember"

In this week podcast release, another episode within the “Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina – Bonus 2, we are still on the timeline where Nahor Princess Aamina is still quite young pre-teen years and a particular event after their normal schooling in the Mystery School of Though in Mitsrayim where Princess Aamina makes a surprise visit to the area of work Nahor often seem to do for his father – Ezri .

In this location of the palace of the royal family, Princess Aamina visited Nahor to uplift him due to an earlier event in the day while at their schooling some type of incident happen with a new character being called Shahan. It seems, Shahan had an altercation or caused some emotional distress to Nahor in front of the others that left Nahor feeling not in good mood of his abilities forward. It is a touching moment that seemed to further their bond and Nahor affection to their friendship deeper into the future of perhaps something even more memorable.

Last week, in Bonus 1 of these special releases of “Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina” – In a new day anything is possible” you are officially introduce to the younger Nahor and Princess Aamina sharing a moment that will be the blueprint of their connection while living in Mitsrayim (Ancient Egypt) to seek and to experience the adventurous life related to the Ancients, profound Knowledge, the Akuni, and more. Nahor discovers a way to Princess Aamina heart and intent that seems to transcends over time as he will in the future gain more access things, events, and resources in an aim to set him apart from the many others.

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