In this bonus 4, Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina, episode bonus entitled "One path does lead to another” with host, Nichel Anderson for another moment between Nahor and Princess returns with another special short of Nahor - that’s still as a young boy that maneuvered a way for Princess Aamina to join him and his father, Ezri and Hilik, on an excavation route ordered by King Mahlon and Queen Hagar, in which, Princess Aamina was given something of more value than known.

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09:41 Begins - Future Series of Nahor & Princess Aamina - "One path does lead to another"


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For this week Bonus 4 “One path does leads to another” in which, Nahor still a young boy and Princess Aamina a young and about the same age traveled to an excavation site along with Nahor’s father, Ezri and the Royal Military Officer and The Queen secret Spy; Hilik. It seemed that Nahor managed Princess Aamina to travel along that she was thrilled of the adventure as there is a moment that is given to her thats something new and very interesting.

We are still focusing on the SPECIAL OCCASION where it is being called “Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina” in which we fast forward from the initial timeline of my podcast started back in 2017 in Episode 1 “Before the Time of Princess Aamina” Today you will get another full short story.


To Recap:

From “Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina” Bonus 2 – “What we seek, we shall have” - Nahor showed Princess Aamina a special calming location within the royal Mitsrayim palace not known by many of the perfect spot to observe a breathtaking and meaningful vision. In this short, we get a short moment of Princess Hannah, now a bit older, entering this moment scene with an interaction with Nahor.

Plan for the Series:

For the month of September up to December, the "Future Series of Nahor and Princess Aamina" will run until that time leading up to the special announcement and some news updates thereafter.

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