In this episode, the Part 2 of last week Director Clip Notes for previously published Episodes 3 -4 for Season 1 by Nichel Anderson continues. This bonus free access provides listeners a chance to further understand the characters from Ms. Anderson popular production MOLIAE as the production itself is in prep phase for the "Prestige Return of MOLIAE Stageplay. These Director Clip Notes are planned to be done monthly as a free bonus to go over previously published episodes with more indepth analysis that provides an enjoyment to the overall storytelling concept. *While the short stories for the most part are apart of Ms. Anderson's Patron Program located at - for full access to the full short story published that week. On the Podcast homepage on Spreaker, the short stories are clips of the short story for that week with an opportunity for a bonus week. Join the Patron Program for full access of short stories and get rewards.

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