For the ongoing event on literacy, this episode is the replay Part 1 of a Live Podcast Show with Host, Nichel Anderson interviewing three special guests of educators from Ghana: Mathias Tulasi, Bernice Amegede-Mawusi, and Edem Kusorgbor. Reading is important and matters and the educators outlined several factors to sustain a lasting influential impression for children as well as adults. On this podcast, the primary objective is telling stories via audio that overall encourages the power of reading leading to increase literacy world-wide.

Enjoy this lively and informative discussion of why literacy is important as in this month of February, the collaborative objective with CEO, Mathias Tulasi event of a fundraising for his school Ziavi Lume Methodist to raise awareness resources for the school. 


To support Ziavi Lume Methodist visit the event page here:


Special Guests Educators of Ghana - Literacy Ambassadors

Mathias Tulasi

Bernice Amegede - Mawusi

Edem Kusorgbor


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