In this podcast, part 2 of a wonderful continuation discussing why reading is important with special Guest Speaker and Educator, Mathias Tulasi, he CEO of Literacy of Ambassadors Ghana and from the school Ziavi Lume Methodist JHS provided a wonderful discussion with host, Nichel Anderson on the importance of literacy awareness for Africa and measures taken at his school as well as what world wide activities status going on now for reading efficiency. Today kicks off a joint effort Charity Event to raise funds and/or resources to help his school receive needed resources for their many programs that have implemented already but require additional support.

Join our campaign starting next month February 1, 2021 to March 1, 2021 for a month long charity event for his school seeking assistance to help them get the following resources:

-books of interesting content, visuals
-transportation, van, pick up truck
-projector and/ speaker of volunteers
-a laptop
-a lab

Update - the charity drive will only be using the two methods for donation either directly to the school or to the administer Mathias Tulasi. An event page have been set up for your convenience, and those portals will be available starting February 1, 2021 when the event officially starts.

Questions or how you can support during the month to raise awareness and funds, contact:

Email for any questions of the charity event.

You can donate to the school directly as their school address is :

P.OB. 50, HO
Ghana, West, Africa

Whats app:
Mathias Tulasi +233 20 025 5295

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