Tune in for the last show of Season 4 Episode 58 " Hanee discovers his enemies are abound in Orion" with host, Ms. Nichel Anderson that reveals how Hanee, the high rank Military General of Orion Skies and Regime will not stop to redirecting his initial plans for Tiamat as he as well focuses on those that intervene causing the results of Echo assignment. Find out what is next for the top influential Military leader of the Orion regime. And whats next for this summer break and return for Season 5.


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Background on this episode, we spend mostly in Orion where Hanee is about to prepare to attend his good friend Echo into the next realm of reality due to his injuries by King Mahlon - when Nontu, an Orion Military High Strategic Officer Regime betrayed Echo while on planet Tiamat (Earth) after a major war against Mitsrayim (King Mahlon rule and terrorities, in which King Mahlon got severely hurt  - Episode 1 and Episode 2 starts from after that recent battle). Fast forward to now timeline of the Finale, we visit Hanee where King Mahlon return back to his throne and almost capturing Hanee on his violation of treaty to enter the domain of Tiamat to rescue his friend Echo and capture Nontu to bring charges against him  - Hanee struggles to find a new path of strategy that the Senior Council Members of Leaders will support his new attempt to gain the Astar of Tiamat that King Mahlon beholds.


fa longtime enemy of King Mahlon and General Tekun as well as now/then General Jetur. Who reposition of power will occur with these two tribal members? Will the Orions discover this change in outlook to whom to apply their allegiance? Or... will the tribal leaders refuse to counter position their position of loyalty and follow Sanel, as a new Orion is destined to take Nontu once position after Ecko was removed?

You must find out as the podcast show wraps up Season 4 2020-2021 for summer break from June to August, to return back for Season 5 2021-2022 on September 13 that will still be twice a month releases and planned live podcast show. 



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